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A Coalition dedicated to preserving the browning hangar

The historic Browning Hangar is about be sold to developers and closed to the public in the near future. Only the insiders know what might happen to the property after it is sold but...

We believe the developers may:
  • Close the hangar for construction and force out all the communities that currently depend on the hangar for their activities.
  • Convert the inside of the hangar to a bar or a restaurant.
  • Eliminate the food trucks.
  • Build parking spaces that entirely surround the hangar.
Here is an image of what is being proposed.

Will the Browning hangar be turned into a shopping mall?

SaveBrowningHangar.Org seeks to:
  • Keep the Browning hangar free and open to all the communities that have come to depend on it - forever.
  • Help achieve Historical Landmark Designation for the hangar.
  • Prevent the main structure of the hangar from being altered.
  • Preserve the food trucks near the hangar.
  • Prevent the hangar from being completely surrounded by parking spaces
  • Keep the interior of the hangar from being converted into a restaurant or a bar.
  • Insure the long-term care and maintenance of the structure.

What can you do?

Click the button below to send a message to Austin City Council member for District 9, Zo Qadri, to tell him how you feel about the future of the Browning Hangar.
Here is a SAMPLE LETTER for inspiration.

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